Train converts

Walk anywhere in Manhattan and you’re bound to cross paths with someone who’s trying to convert you. The guys in the Times Square station who hand out the Chick tracts are probably the most well known, but on any random day you can get a pamphlet about how Santa is the devil or about how the country is run by a new world order. The station where I transfer for work has been targeted by Jews for Jesus.

My question is, do these people really see any return for their efforts? Do they have followers who have converted after receiving some poorly made flyer? I sure as hell hope not, but if they do, I’d be curious to meet these people. Personally I can’t imagine being that easily swayed by what some crazy person hands me as I’m walking to the platform, but maybe other people are that gullible? Maybe. I don’t know.

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Oh, the world

Wow, it’s been awhile since I last write. Uhh.. I went on vacation for a week, got a new job, and things have been better – if rather busy.

Anyway, this post isn’t about that. What this post is about is that I sometimes forget that there are terrible people out there. Case in point: the other weekend, we went to a meetup a few blocks from where I live. Some decent people there, but there was this one girl who was just… a train wreck. Aside from being very open about her love for psychedelic drugs, she was also your standard stereotypical fangirl. “I’m really into Invader Zim! I love GIR, squee!” Urgh. Thanks for playing.

I guess going to work and being surrounded by intelligent human beings acts as sort of a barrier from the actual weirdos out there.

Anyway. Hopefully I’ll post more!

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