Well played, Castle tie-in writers

Every so often, Nathan Fillion throws a reference to Firefly into current show, Castle. A few weeks ago it was him speaking Chinese and a quip after it. Now, they’ve also released two tie-in books to the show that are supposedly written by the lead character of the show. And yes, I admit it: I’ve read the books. (What, you don’t read tie-ins?) I’m currently working through the latest one, Naked Heat, and was pleasantly amused when I read this line (page 142 in the hardcover):

Heat didn’t like to bigfoot Malcolm and Reynolds, but she wanted to check out the Dragonfly herself.

So unless I’m reading into it, a ghostwritten book that’s credited to one character in a TV show (played by Nathan Fillion) made a reference to a character in a different TV show (also played by Nathan Fillion). I don’t know if that’s super meta or what, but I was amused either way.

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 9:22 am - books

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