Oh come on Democrats, this should be easy

Two reports came out today that I think need to be emphasized. I really do wish the Democrats would start fighting back harder rather than just rolling over and taking it, but what can you do.

The first is that 45 senators voted to block a bill that would promote less outsourcing. Now yes, five of them are Democrats (actually four, and whatever Joe Lieberman is) but still. These are people who are okay with taking jobs away from Americans. If that doesn’t scream “I’m paid off by big business” then I don’t know what does. There’s no way those senators are voting in the best interests of their constituents. And in those states where those senators are from, why can’t the Dems run ads saying “Senator X is okay with taking away your jobs and keeping unemployment high”? Just repeat that statement over and over ’til you win.

Number two – and this one is considerably more disturbing, I think – is that 112 78 of the GOP candidates running in November are against abortion at any time. That includes rape, incest, and cases when the pregnancy endangers the mother. One hundred and twelve. That is… absolutely staggering, and horrendously appalling. How you can be that cruel is beyond me. And don’t give me this “it’s God’s plan for us” bullshit – your Christian god isn’t nearly that cruel. I also find it hard to understand how the GOP/teabaggers’ claims of less government also translates to harsher laws, but whatever. Here’s another place where the Democrats should just spam an ad saying “Candidate Y is against abortion even if a person is raped”.

Just being louder about how far right these people are is bound to scare the moderates in the GOP. At best those people will vote Democrat, and at worst they’ll just not vote overall.

Seriously, Democratic Party, I really hope you’re reading this post. (Probably aren’t, though.) There is no reason why we should lose control to these people who have quite clearly gone off the deep end.

(update on oct 2: LGF originally reported 112, but rawstory looked into it and showed it was 78. so updated.)

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 11:34 pm - politics

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